About Me

Hi. I’m Theresa Chen. Thank you for coming to my site!

I’m a UX Designer with a background designing and troubleshooting user flows in web and games.

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a Masters in Entertainment Technology. I pride myself in having both artistic and technical skill and have been working as a hybrid designer and project manager since 2009.

For a copy of my resume, email me at ting@tingchen.net

What I do:

  • Design Entry FlowDesign Entry Flows
  • Create UI MockupsCreate UI Mockups
  • Create Flow ChartsCreate Flow Charts
  • Sketch 01Brainstorm UX Solutions
  • Coordinate Project DevelopmentCoordinate Project Development
  • Sketch 03Design Efficient Products


User Experience Design
Interaction Design
Information Architecture
User Interface Design
Project Management
User Research
Visual Art


  • Education
  • Game Theory
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Puzzles


Scuba Diving Controls in The Sims 3

Electronic Arts, Maxis Studio
Platform: PC/Mac Game
May 2013

Community Page

Electronic Arts, Maxis Studio
Platform: Web
August 2012

Registration Flow

Electronic Arts, Maxis Studio
Platform: Web
August 2012

Focus Testing & Analysis

Electronic Arts, Office of the Chief Creative Officer
May 2010

iPhone Interaction Prototyping

iiii Design
Platform: iPhone
December 2009

Handshake - UI Design

iiii Design
Platform: iPhone
December 2009

Galactic - UI Design

Electronic Arts, Office of the Chief Creative Officer
Platform: web browser
August 2009

Robotic Museum Installation

G.I.R.L. Tech, Entertainment Technology Center
Platform: Museum Installation
May 2009

Intuitive Gameplay

Building Virtual Worlds, Entertainment Technology Center
Platform: Playmotion Screen
October 2008

A Little Extra

Mini Games

Small prototypes and experimental games made during my off time. Applications open in a separate page with embedded Java Applet.

Role Models

Game prototype using simplistic interaction to explore the role model relationship.

Java Application


Board game where each turn can change the field.

Board Game


Game prototype experimenting with subtlety in interaction.

Java Application

Crack An Egg

The first game I ever coded.

Java Application

Illustrations, Sketches, and Studies