Dust Bunnies - Intuitive Play

Entertainment Technology Center (Building Virtual Worlds) | 2008

Playmotion Screen


Dust Bunnies was a game installation where users would approach a projector and interact with the avatars on the screen using their shadow. In this game, dust bunnies would crawl up and down the user’s shadow to try and reach their goal.

The game was designed to be a short an intuitive experience.

Key Highlight

  • Intuitive interaction where a user can just walk up to the screen and immediately know how to play and what the objective is


Dust Bunnies was created in 2 weeks and involved quick brainstorming and four individuals bringing their talents together to create this user experience.

At the forefront of all ideas was building an intuitive user experience within the scope of a short timeframe. Playtests were done to iterate on the original design before delivery.