Theresa Chen

Product Designer and Design Manager


I’m a San Francisco Bay Area based product designer and manager, currently working at eHealth Insurance where I making understanding and enrolling into Medicare easier for the chronologically superior.

I have passion for health- & wellness-based projects and am driven to improve healthcare accessibility and education for people of all demographics.

As a designer...

I pride myself in having both artistic and technical skill, having 10+ years experience in games, web, and mobile app design. I love transforming complex problems into effortless and delightful experiences for users to engage with. I feel accomplished when a customer leaves my product happier than when they came in.

As a manager...

I combine my passion for great user experiences with logic-based thinking to strategize project design and delivery. I allocate features to highlight the strengths of my team members while growing the individuals into enthusiastic and well-rounded designers. I work collaboratively with developers and managers, incorporating internal and external feedback to ensure the product meets the expectations of all stakeholders while keeping the customer’s goals at the forefront of design.


  • Interaction design
  • User interface design
  • Accessibility
  • Visual design
  • Design project & team management
  • Iterative design & rapid prototyping
  • Responsive layout design
  • Information architecture
  • Streamlined & complex user experiences

For a complete list of specific skills, please contact me for a copy of my resume


Health, Nutrition, Biotech, Education, Play Theory, Interactive Learning, Puzzles, Travel, Writing, Illustration