iiiiDesign | 2009

iPhone Game


Move It! is a handshake sychronization game created by the startup company, iiii design. In the game, users are prompted to create and execute elaborate handshakes and the game, using the iPhone's accelerometer, would score them on their synchronization.

Key Highlight

  • UI and user flow used audio and visual to let the user know when to switch between viewing the screen and play
  • Development was extremely fast-paced, given the incredibly short timeframe. Communication of idea was of higher priority than visual polish in this prototype


iiiiDesign projects started as 1-2 week rapid prototypes and Move It! was no different. After deciding as a team we wanted to flesh the idea out further, we worked together in a small team of 4 to create, test, and iterate on our initial idea into a releasable app on the Apple App Store.

In particular, I focused on creating a UI and introductory experience that encouraged the user to play the game without looking at the screen. The UI was kept very simple and basic. Single button in the screen and audio to inform the user to start, stop, or continue.

concept sketches of intro UI

Concept sketches for that new-user experience and introduce the idea of playing a game without looking at the screen